The Top 14 Startup & Entrepreneur posts of 2014

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As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to look back at the variety of entrepreneurs we’ve been lucky enough to have on Breaking Biz and summarise the best content from 2014!

Do you think we missed someone out unfairly? Let us know!

The most downloaded episodes of 2014

‘How to Succeed at Crowdfunding’

Based on experience of raising more than $9 million funding on crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Heather Delaney, Head of Kickstarter and Consumer Tech at Dynamo PR shared her top tips for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

‘Co-founder of The Bakery London & Citymapper investor Alex Dunsdon on investing, pitching & the PowerPoint problem’

This interview offers valuable insight for startups thinking about investment.

What I learned raising $10m from Angels and VC’s

Lucas Carlson talks about what he’s learned when it comes to pitching for investment, including insight into the ‘investor mindset’ and tips for those seeking investment.

The top website posts and pages of 2014

Entrepreneur Q&A: Steve Callanan of WIREWAX

‘Cheating on eBay’ – a tale of retail romance that ended in tragedy

Business planning and Strategy for startups: Boring or Essential?

Tackling the topic of passion

Passion is a word we can’t run from in the world of startups. We were luck enough to interview a man with a slightly different opinion from the usual ‘follow your passion’ noise that dominates the internet. He is Professor Cal Newport and he joined Breaking Biz to explain why following your passion may be seriously bad advice!

Another man who remains unconvinced is entrepreneur Lucas Carlson, who explains why passion doesn’t pay the bills.

The quickfire Q&A sessions

Having started out with conversational interviews we decided to mix it up with our guest entrepreneurs and introduce a few quickfire Q&A sessions for the listener who only has a few minutes to spare.

We interviewed James Kitchener, the CEO and surf addict in Byron Bay, Jake Hayman from Instagram friendly startup Frame Again, as well as the man changing mobile advertising, Nick Hatter. If that wasn’t enough, Steve Bennett of Gems TV was kind enough to spare a few minutes to explain why you can’t perfume a pig!

The success stories

We were very happy to see Nathan Kontny’s appointment as the CEO of Highrise. Nathan gave us an interview about his failures, the secret art of selling and the importance of keeping a disciplined blogging routine. It’s definitely worth checking out, he’s unlikely to have much spare time these days with everything that’s going on at Highrise but we hope to get him back on the show in 2015.

App Developer Yunha Kim made the successful leap from Investment Banking to CEO of Locket, gaining investment from long time entrepreneur Tyra Banks.


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