Swapping Law Books For A Hydraulic Juice Press – Entrepreneur Q&A With Radiance Cleanse Co-Founder Christina Agnew

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Radiance Cleanse is the UK’s leading juice detox delivery service founded by Christina Agnew and Clare Neill. Christina had an interest in nutrition from a young age- whilst working as a lawyer she also studied for a BSc in Nutritional Medicine. After several years she decided to “swap the law books for a hydraulic juice press” and in this quickfire entrepreneur Q&A, Christina sheds a little light on her life as a small business owner.


Breaking Biz:

Why did you decide to start your own business?

Christina Agnew:

I would say Claire and I didn’t exactly decide to start a business. We had a shared passion for juicing and we’d seen the difference it had made in our own lives to our health, and we basically just wanted to make that accessible to a wider audience and to get it out in the UK in particular. That in itself ultimately grew into our business.

We didn’t decide we wanted to set up a business and then have a think about what we wanted that business to be, we just wanted to do something with juicing and it turned into Radiance.



What skill or ability is most important and why?


I would say two have been really important for us. One is flexibility. Since we set up Radiance six years ago, the market in which we operate has changed dramatically and we’ve had to adapt and change and be flexible along the way.

The other one is tenacity, we’ve definitely just had to keep going. When we first set up Radiance what we were doing was really unknown to the British public and we had to do a lot of educating, and just being determined to keep going with that has been really important to us.



What are the most important lessons you’ve learned?


It’s a cliché, but always to have a plan B. In our case we’ve sometimes needed plan C and D and even more than that, so definitely to always have a back up plan. And never to take no as the first answer you’re given, another cliché.

In some cases things we’ve been working on, we’ve had to stick with it for a really long time and we’ve had to keep the belief that we would get there eventually and fortunately that’s proven to be the case.




What’s the best part of your job?


I would say it’s working with our team. We’ve really tried very hard with Radiance to create a solid, talented team. Most of our team members have been with us for a long time and it’s a really diverse bunch so that just makes me smile on a daily basis, the people that we’re involved with.

And then, as I said before we really did set up Radiance based on a passion that Claire and I both had so it’s still…every day makes us smile if we’ve created a product that has made a difference in somebody’s life and they take the time to come back and tell us that, and tell us how much better they’re feeling.

That definitely for us, feels like one of the better parts of the job.

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