Gary Neville: The Ultimate Role Model For Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship podcasts (mine included), articles and quotes aren’t shy of leaning towards the fluffy side. The fluffy stuff gives us a nice lift, a warm feeling, a reminder to sip our coffee and just breathe. Everything will be okay won’t it?

Try telling a 36 year old business owner who has one month to save his/her entire business that he/she should just meditate for five minutes each morning and see if you leave the conversation with your teeth intact.

It’s probably safer to tweet a photo of someone meditating and chuck in an inspirational quote. Then you can sit back, whack on Netflix and rack up the retweets and love.

I’ve nothing against meditation, I keep meaning to try it each morning but the discipline required has been lacking.

One guy who doesn’t seem to struggle with discipline is Gary Neville, the subject of this blog post. I wonder if young (or older) people look at him for inspiration outside of football?

If you were setting up your own business, would you buy Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret or YouTube some of G Nev’s interviews for inspiration? It might depend on whether you live closer to Bury or Bali.

Above is a photo from my one and only hang out with Gary, in a meeting room at Old Trafford. We’re doing a live Q&A on Twitter to try and make people aware of the major impact the Olympics will have on Manchester’s transport network during the 2012 Olympics. He was pretty much exactly the same as you see on TV. I was supposed to be running the show but I’ll let you guess who took control of the operation.

I read his interview with Jason Burt in The Daily Telegraph during the holidays, and loved this little extract that came from discussing how long he thinks he’ll have the job as manager of Valencia, given that his initial contract is 6 months (he’d recently agreed a two year lease on a family home in the Spanish city).

“But my commitment is there. The commitment with the family is there – the kids have got a new school. I plan to be successful. You can’t plan on being a failure.”

There’s an inspirational meme just waiting to be created. Less meme friendly however, was another quote.

Sit tight entrepreneurs, app developers and future billionaires….

“I’m not an entrepreneur at all. I don’t like that word. It feels dirty.”

Okay. He’s not an entrepreneur. But let’s be honest, he does come accross as hard working, passionate, focused, organised, driven..and not averse to taking risks. He sounds a little bit like the entrepreneurs we read about.

Ask Salford City co-manager Anthony Johnson who apparently recieves a regular flurry of text messages from Neville (co-owner of the club) at 5.30 each morning.

‘There are certain things Gary has instilled in us and the big two are discipline and organisation. It’s his thing.’

Businessman, hotelier, football club owner, England coach, Sky pundit, columnist and now the manager of one of the biggest clubs in Spain. I hope he doesn’t mind being used in a blog post about entrepreneurship, but his down to earth work ethic and straight talk may be worth paying attention to.
 Here’s to a 2016 with plenty more inspirational memes.

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