Entrepreneurship in 60 Seconds: Tucker Max


Tucker Max is the CEO of Book In A Box and the author of three Number 1, NY Times bestsellers. He returns to Breaking Biz to take part in our 60 second format and give us his top line view of Entrepreneurship. Our previous interview with Tucker covered his learnings from previous business … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: SNAK


I met Frederik Svinth during my trip to Aarhus. Having graduated from world famous business school Kaospilot, Frederik founded his startup 'SNAK'. SNAK is a card game designed to establish a closer connection between people by inviting them to discuss a variety of topics, two examples being … [Read more...]

Entrepreneurship in 60 Seconds: Nick Hatter


Nick Hatter of GiftGaming kicks us off with an experimental '60 second' format, giving his overview and advice on entrepreneurship in just 60 seconds. It's not an easy task trying to condense years of pain, suffering and joy into such a small time frame. Other episodes featuring … [Read more...]

Hunt For The Danish Entrepreneur


I'm travelling through Europe. I've ended up in Denmark. I've done all the tourist attractions. So what's next? This is the complex series of events that led me to investigate the startup scene in Aarhus, which is located on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula, in the geographical centre of … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: Shain Shapiro of Sound Diplomacy


Shain Shapiro has worked in the music industry for over fifteen years, including (before founding Sound Diplomacy) 3.5 years as the UK and European Representative of the Canadian Independent Music Association. Sound Diplomacy is the world's leading music market development consultancy with offices … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: Petal & Cycle


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the founder of Petal & Cycle, Richa Bhalla. Labelled as an 'environmentally friendly game changer',  Petal & Cycle designs vibrant flower arrangements and delivers anywhere in Central London by bike within 90 mins of the … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: The Startup Magazine


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome Yoav Farbey, founder of The Startup Magazine. The Startup Magazine is a monthly digital publication aimed to motivate, stimulate and cultivate curiosity. Their mission is to not only be a voice for entrepreneurs but to celebrate the entire community. The Startup … [Read more...]

How Do You Run A Chocolate Startup?


And we're not just talking about any chocolate startup. This is Doisy & Dam, a London based business who sell chocolate infused with superfoods. Think spirulina, goji berries and maca powder crammed into a Galaxy bar (or something along those lines). Following on from his entrepreneur Q&A … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: Doisy & Dam


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the co-founder of Doisy & Dam, Richard Wilkinson. Doisy & Dam chocolate is packed with nature’s superfoods (sourced from all over the world) to create a unique, indulgent treat that provides the perfect balance between health and taste. You can find their … [Read more...]

Entrepreneur Q&A: Ferrah Raza of CityBusters

Breaking Biz meets co-founder & CEO of London based startup CityBusters, Ferrah Raza. In this speedy Q & A session we get to know a little more about Ferrah's startup experiences including daily rituals, difficult decisions and how she stays motivated. The full list of questions can be … [Read more...]