Why I Quit My Dream Job At Google To Launch A Marijuana Business

When Alan decided to 'win at life' this meant taking stock of what made him genuinely happy and realising that goals based on external factors (i.e. job promotions, money) were not the way forward. And so he ditched the free meals at Google, instead opting for eating straight from the tin and ... -Read More

‘It’s Really Important To Ask For Help’ – Entrepreneur Q&A with Caroline Weaver


CW Pencil Enterprise of New York City was founded in November 2014 by Caroline Weaver, amateur pencil collector but lifelong pencil lover. Caroline aims to dig up the stories and origins of these pencils and make them accessible to those who appreciate them for their functionality, beauty and ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Petal & Cycle


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the founder of Petal & Cycle, Richa Bhalla. Labelled as an 'environmentally friendly game changer',  Petal & Cycle designs vibrant flower arrangements and delivers anywhere in Central London by bike within 90 mins of the ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Jayna Cooke, CEO of EVENTup


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome the CEO of EVENTup, Jayna Cooke. After starting her career as a fashion buyer, a chance meeting with Brad Keywell (co-founder of VC firm Lightbank and Groupon) convinced Jayna to take a leap of faith into the tech startup scene – first with Echo Global Logistics ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: NIX&KIX


In this quickfire Q&A we welcome co-founder of NIX&KIX, Julia Kessler. NIX&KIX produce all-natural fruit drinks with a cheeky pinch of cayenne. Loaded with lots of health benefits, their drinks also pack a punch during those early morning hours or mid-afternoon slumps. Full ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Ben Strieth


Ben runs a successful frozen yogurt franchise called Yogolicious, but today he took a few minutes to take our Entrepreneur Q&A. It's another chance to pick the brains of a small business owner and compare his answers to the other talented entrepreneurs on our site. There's mobile ad disruptors ... -Read More