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Lauren Maillian Bias gives advice for startups seeking investment

After selling her first startup (a boutique winery), Lauren Maillian Bias moved on to become the founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding and founding partner at Gen Y Capital Partners.


Lauren gives us some great insight into what she looks for in a company before investing and what she looks for in a pitch. In addition to this, Lauren has also released her new book ‘The Path Redefined’ which is definitely worth checking out.

“It’s a synthesis of my story of an entrepreneur and I hope people will learn to embrace what makes them unique”

Although we originally wanted to talk about the book with her, it was just too tempting to squeeze out some advice for startups who are preparing to pitch to experienced investors.

How to become a startup investor from your living room

Mark Hepburn has now invested in 5 startup companies, including Loyal Zoo (loyalty app) and Humble Grape (small wine merchant). But how can he do this alongside his full time job?


The answer is Seedrs, the crowdfunding platform allowing anyone to discover and invest in great startups. In this interview I chat to Mark to find out how it works, how simple it is, what questions need to be asked and whether it’s as good as it sounds.

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How investors think, what makes a great pitch & the way to become an investor

Alex Dunsdon returns following his first episode on Breaking Biz to go into further detail about the world of startup investment.


Alex discusses the ways in which investors tend to think, what makes a great pitch and how he made the bold transition to become a full time startup investor after 10 years at M&C Saatchi in London.

All Breaking Biz ‘investor’ interviews can be found here, and interviews with startup founders are here.

Some takeaways were:

  • As a founder you must never get bored of telling your story
  • The most attractive setup for a tech investor is a CTO plus a Business Development professional
  • Investors love founders who clearly demonstrate strategic thinking as far as 3-5 years ahead, regardless of whether the predictions come true or not.

Co-founder of The Bakery London & Citymapper investor Alex Dunsdon on investing, pitching & the PowerPoint problem

Investor Alex Dunsdon is co-founder of The Bakery London and Investment Director of SAATCHiNVEST. He’s also been lucky (or smart) enough to invest in the ever popular ‘Citymapper’ app, and he speaks to Breaking Biz about how startups should pitch to investors, what he looks for when making an investment and much more.


This interview offers valuable insight for startups thinking about investment and covers similar ground to my earlier interview with NY Times besteller and angel investor Tucker Max.

Some takeaways from the conversation were:

Pitching problems. Lots of startups mention irrelevant figures when investors just want to know who the target audience is, what problem you’re solving and how you’re talking to them

We’re about to see a car crash with companies that have accepted early stage investment with the wrong type of investors

Pick the right investment partner above the valuation

Don’t waste time with powerpoint slides. Start the conversation. Investors tend to have short attention spans (i.e they’re quick thinking..)

Tucker Max: Failure, Success and Investing in Flying Cars

He found internet fame writing about his drunken antics which helped put him in the position he’s in today, successful CEO of Story Ark, angel investor in over 20 companies and advisor.


In this interview, Tucker Max  talks about the mistakes he made with his first company, being a terrible boss and what he looks for when investing in a startup. In between there’s other stories, anecdotes and tips to take on board. If you’re interested in what it takes to be a tech investor here’s an interview with Citymapper investor Alex Dunsdon. If you’re more interested in building your own startup and want some real life lessons then don’t miss out on this interview with AppFog founder Lucas Carlson.

Some key takeaways were:

If you want advice, get it from someone who has both succeeded AND failed

If you hire someone you know is wrong for your business, fire them as quick as you can

The best idea on earth is worthless if you’ve got the wrong team implementing it

You don’t find your passion. You make it