The Top 14 Startup & Entrepreneur posts of 2014


As we come to the end of the year, it's time to look back at the variety of entrepreneurs we've been lucky enough to have on Breaking Biz and summarise the best content from 2014! Do you think we missed someone out unfairly? Let us know! The most downloaded episodes of 2014 'How to Succeed … [Read more...]

Graduates: The Key To Success Is Proactivity


Guest blog post by Will Holt, the Head of Business School at Pearson College.   There are two pieces of advice that I always give to our business school students:   Obtaining a good degree will open future career doors   There are far more people with strong degrees on … [Read more...]

Quickfire Q&A: Professor Cal Newport


We welcome back Professor Cal Newport to Breaking Biz, following his first interview exploring the idea that 'follow your passion' is just plain bad advice when it comes to finding happiness at work. Today Cal steps up to take the quickfire Q&A, normally answered by entrepreneurs. Considering … [Read more...]

Is ‘follow your passion’ terrible advice?


Our guest Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice. He believes pre existing passions are rare and have little to do with how most people end up loving their work— and he also thinks that the 'follow your passion' advice can be dangerous, leading to anxiety … [Read more...]

What’s it like to leave Google and join a startup?

In this episode I caught up with Alex Rose who recently left his role at Google to become the Director of Marketing at Who Can Fix My Car, an innovative startup that acts as a 'compare the market' for car servicing. I spoke to Alex about all the differences you can expect when you leave a … [Read more...]