Advice On Dealing With Your Investors

How do you tell your investors the business isn't working? What if they then told you to go and sort it out in 30 days? We welcome back Apu Gupta of Curalate to discuss the world of startup investing. Apu's story includes the successful pivot of Storably to Curalate as well as advice for ... -Read More

What I Learned Raising $10M From Angels And VCs

In this episode we welcome back Lucas Carlson to talk about what he's learned when it comes to pitching for investment, including insight into the 'investor mindset' and tips for those seeking investment. Here's a link to all the startup investors we've interviewed on the show so ... -Read More

Tucker Max Talks Failure & Success


He found internet fame writing about his drunken antics which helped put him in the position he's in today, successful CEO of Book In A Box, angel investor in over 20 companies and advisor. In this interview, Tucker Max  talks about the mistakes he made with his first company, being a ... -Read More

Visual Marketing & Entrepreneurship With Apu Gupta


How much do you really know about visual marketing and how brands use Pinterest or Instagram to drive their sales? Today, Apu Gupta, co-founder of Curalate helps answer the questions around using imagery for online marketing. Click on the audio player below to listen to the full ... -Read More