“People do not make buying decisions based on logic” – How To Go From $500 to $15,000 A Month By Correcting Simple Business Mistakes


Bryce Conway is the founding editor of 10xTravel.com and the Author of Takeoff: How to Travel the World for Next to Nothing. He writes about travel, personal finance, and lifestyle design for more than 30,000+ monthly readers. It all sounds great, but life wasn't so simple at the start of his ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Shain Shapiro of Sound Diplomacy


Shain Shapiro has worked in the music industry for over fifteen years, including (before founding Sound Diplomacy) 3.5 years as the UK and European Representative of the Canadian Independent Music Association. Sound Diplomacy is the world's leading music market development consultancy with offices ... -Read More

The Top 14 Startup & Entrepreneur posts of 2014


As we come to the end of the year, it's time to look back at the variety of entrepreneurs we've been lucky enough to have on Breaking Biz and summarise the best content from 2014! Do you think we missed someone out unfairly? Let us know! The most downloaded episodes of 2014 'How to Succeed ... -Read More

The 3 P’s of Starting a Blog or Podcast


Tonight I should have put out the 50th episode of Breaking Biz. Since the podcast started, I’ve never missed the target of producing one episode per week but it’s going to happen today. The excuses are a mixture of Christmas parties, work and tiredness (I saved the weakest till last). Still, 50 ... -Read More

Entrepreneur Q&A: Steve Callanan of WIREWAX


Steve Callanan is the CEO and Co-Founder of WIREWAX, the first taggable video tool; allowing content owners to add motion-tracking hotspots or ‘tags’ to people and objects in video and create their own interactive experiences. We met Steve at a recent business event and whilst we wern't able to ... -Read More

Startup Investing: Relationships vs Money

Lucas Carlson founded the startup AppFog which was acquired by CenturyLink in 2013. AppFog has signed up more than 100,000 developers, raised nearly $10M in venture funding and has become an industry leading Platform-as-a-Service. Below are a few words from Lucas on startup investing which ... -Read More

How To NOT Ask For Investment In Your Startup


Before the eBay experiment, there was the time I decided to take on Myspace at their own game. Back in 2006 I was introduced to the world of MySpace. I can barely recall what the average user profile looked like but I certainly jazzed mine up to the max, taking particular care on the selected ... -Read More

Diary Of An Entrepreneur: Nick Hatter


Here's a guest post from CEO of GiftGaming Nick Hatter, who scribbled down the build up and results of his experience at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe. Our recent podcast with Nick is available here, and our podcasts with advice on seeking investment can be found here. Monday 20th ... -Read More

Advice On Dealing With Your Investors

How do you tell your investors the business isn't working? What if they then told you to go and sort it out in 30 days? We welcome back Apu Gupta of Curalate to discuss the world of startup investing. Apu's story includes the successful pivot of Storably to Curalate as well as advice for ... -Read More