GiftGaming CEO Nick Hatter on pitching, bootstrapping & understanding startup investment

Mobile gamers are drowning in ads and it’s starting to annoy them. The solution? GiftGaming. In this episode we’re joined by the founder and CEO, Nick Hatter.


This is a great episode for any budding entrepreneurs out there because Nick is young, driven and his company plays in the mobile ad space, an area that many are trying to crack. Nick chats to us about GiftGaming, startup pitching and dealing with startup investors.

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Turning down the Dragons to build a Marshmallow empire

In today’s interview we’re joined by Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie, founder of Mallow & Marsh who is the second guest (following the founders of Frame Again) from Breaking Biz to appear on BBC’s Dragons Den and turn down an offer of investment.


Mallow & Marsh make marshmallows with the highest quality of ingredients available, and can be found in Sainsburys and at the Sourced market in Kings Cross St Pancras.

We chat to Harriot about the background of her business and why she turned down Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones on Dragons Den.

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Naive or clever? Mobile gaming company ignores Apple & Android market

Today’s guest is Rob Grossberg, co-founder of New York based startup TreSensa . Rob chats to us about being a small player in a huge market and why TreSensa have chosen HTML5 over the traditional app stores.


We also discuss how he raised investment with his co-founders and the advice he has for other startups.

“We invested in you, go figure it out”

How do you tell your investorsther business isn’t working? What if they then told you to go and sort it out in 30 days?


We welcome back Apu Gupta of Curalate to discuss the world of startup investing. Apu’s story includes the successful pivot of Storably to Curalate as well as advice for any startup founder looking for the right investor for them.

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Founders of ‘Frame Again’ discuss Dragons Den & Crowdfunding

Today we’re joined by Joe Kenyon and Jake Hayman, the founders of Frame Again and recent guests on the new series of Dragons Den.


After turning down an offer to buy their business by Peter Jones, Joe and Jake shifted to the crowdfunding platform of Seedrs and smashed their original investment target in less than a day. In this episode we speak to the guys about their experience on Dragon’s Den and pick their brains on raising investment as a startup.

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What I learned raising $10M from angels and VCs

In this episode we welcome back Lucas Carlson to talk about what he’s learned when it comes to pitching for investment, including insight into the ‘investor mindset’ and tips for those seeking investment.


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As a successful startup founder, Lucas has been through the motions himself, so this is an opportunity to learn from his real life experience. His first interview outlining lessons for startup founders can be found here, and his blog (which I highly recommend) is here.

Social entrepreneurship: Making money vs making a difference

In this episode we speak to Jack Graham, the CEO and founder of Year Here, a postgraduate leadership programme that challenge Britain’s brightest talents to a year of tackling society’s toughest problems.


The more you learn about Year Here and its mission the more you might consider what would happen if the same energy & talent that goes into traditional tech startup was thrown at social entrepreneurship instead.

If social innovation/entrepreneurship interests you, check out the following resources recommended by Jack:


Year Here’s Golden List